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The signature of a KILLER – A Story Full Of Suspense

It was hardly a month,Vinay entered into the job as a constable, he was standing at the edge of a crisis-A serial killer let loose in the city. He assisted his superior office Mr.John Xavier, a corrupt officer. Vinay was not at all satisfied to work for an officer like John, who would change the testimonies in the FIR for anyone in exchange of money, women or madira. The government to, was not happy with the investigation, as 5 murders have already occurred and under pressure, they had to hand over the case to Mr.Jaydev Gupta, a retired police commissioner.

June 2,2013: Mr. Jaydev arrived at the police station in his Tavera. He was assisted by retired inspector of cyber cell and an expert in the field, Mr.Dhaksh Upadhyay. He and his companion went there to collect information from the first investigating officer. But as usual, the unsatisfactory comments and information given by Mr. John made them look at each other’s face. They took the FIR and other documents with them and were about to leave. Suddenly Vinay, who was the driver at the station went to them,”Sir…I’ve heard a lot about you.” They stopped,”Sir, what John sir said was not true. There is a connection in each murder that has occurred.”

“Yes, we know that too. That’s why we say that this is a work of a serial killer. Even before coming here we collected all the necessary information from the IG office.”said Mr. Dhyan.

To which Vinay replied,”No sir, not just in the modus operandi. Even their jobs are connected. For instance, the first victim Dr.Shanmugham was a renowned cardiologist. Second was Mr.Imam Sheikh, a pharmacist. Third and fourth were Mr.Goyal and a Russian Mr.Vladislav, both of them permanent members of international pharmaceuticals, CrysalPharma. The recent one, Dr. Jacob Dean, a dermatologist. Ask of them are related by their jobs. Also…”He was about to continue, but Mr. John came outside and asked them what the matter was.

“Mr.John we’re taking Mr.Vinay with us as our driver. Hope you don’t mind.”said Mr.Jaydev. To which John nodded in agreement.

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June 3,2013: Vinay, Jaydev and Dhyan were sitting in the garden of Mr. Jaydev’s summer house, an isolated location facing the Arabian Sea.

“So Vinay, you think that the job is the only link that we have got in addition?”asked Dhyan

“No sir. As I said earlier, I did a thorough research and learnt from the locals that the pharmacist, Imam Sheikh, was right hand man of a notorious goon,Ravi Bhai. I further learned that Ravi Bhai used Imam for getting certain drugs, as he was the head of the sex racket in Mumbai. Probably for getting barbiturates or abortion pills. Recently news came that Ravi is not to be found anywhere.”said Vinay.

“Jaydev, what do you think?”asked Dhyan.

“Good research my boy. I liked the vigour. Maintain it to scale greater heights. Now about the case, I don’t think Ravi is that coward to hide from the police. Even if he get caught, he can easily come out on bail using his political powers.” Jaydev was interrupted by Vinay’s phone call.

“Who was it Vinay?”asked Dhyan.

“Sir, we have another victim. Work of the same lunatic.Victim name-Ravindra Solanki alias Ravi bhai.” said Vinay.

July 8,2014: 1 year,1 month and four days passed, without any clue. Boot measurements were taken from the crime scene. This time however, the killer left a mark of himself, a black piece of cloth. It was Sunday and Vinay went to the church for Sunday mass.

After the mass he went directly to the Priest ,Fr.Joseph Abraham, for confession. It was usual for Vinay ,a stern believer of the church. During the session he observed the boots of Fr.Joseph. It had some sort of stain. Also the shape was similar to that found at the crime scenes. He doubted Fr.Abraham. After that he walked away. He observed the Cassock, but it didn’t appeared to be torn.

Vinay walked out of the church and called Mr.Jaydev and discussed his concerns. Jaydev was shocked, at the same time thrilled. He came with a complete army of police and surrounded the church.Vinay, Jaydev and John entered the church at 2pm, that day. But no one was to be found. They then visited the adjoining seminary and knocked on the doors of the room allotted to the clergy.Fr.Joseph opened the door.

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“So at last you found me.”said Fr. Joseph, even before they could say a word.

Vinay pointed the gun at him and asked to move. John locked his hands. With the entire public watching, Fr. Joseph of that diocese was arrested by an entire entourage of police. They walked through the grounds of the church and reached the van.

They reached the police headquarters at 3pm. John, Vinay, Jaydev and Dhyan were questioning him in a large hall.

Vinay was the most furious of them all. Because, he had a strong relation with the father. Vinay was brought up in Fr. Joseph’s orphanage and it was Fr. Joseph’s wish that Vinay should become a famous police officer. But now he is bound by the duty. They have all evidences against Fr.Joseph.

“Say me… why did you do that? Come on…”shouted Vinay.

Fr. Joseph said calmly with a small smile on his face,”Because God said me to do so..”

“Don’t bring God in this matter. We way to know the reason,”once again shouted Vinay holding the collar of Fr. Joseph. Tears were also flowing down his cheeks.

“The reason…”he smiled.”Everything happens for a reason.”

“What’s it?”asked Jaydev.

He turned to Mr.John.” Remember me John. On December 4,2000 I came to your office seeking justice. Justice for three of my children at the orphanage. They were kidnapped. Later, their bodies were found under the Howrah bridge. And you know what the autopsy report said? They were subjected to unnatural sex and succumbed to sadistic behaviour of the culprits. Since the police didn’t help me ,I ,with the help of a cyber expert and two-three young enthusiastic Young Boys and girls began unearthing the facts and realised that India is a leading hub/provider of young boys and girls to international markets like Russia,China,Cuba,etc. All the six victims are the main links in this large web of Racket. By destroying them, temporarily I have numbed their entire activities. Now it is with you to catch the real culprits.I present before you one such culprit sitting in this room.”saying this he raised his hands to point that person.

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All eyes were on Mr. John , who was separating profusely. But to their surprise, Fr.Joseph pointed at Dhyan.”Spidey, the ultimate hacker. Dhyan, what do you think?I don’t recognise you.Mr.Jaydev, your comrade was the seventh one my list. He unknowingly hatched his own death plan. He had already hacked me. But on realising that I was behind the sharks in this field, he tried to assist me. Meanwhile we got information that someone was helping the actual culprits.We began keeping a close track on him, as he was the new member to join us. We later realised that he was behind Ravi bhai, his chief comrade. Once we get hold of any culprit, we extract the maximum information from him and then kill him brutally. If we would have caught Ravi bhai, all his plans would be routines and also the entire racket will collapse with no major links.

Also we learned that Dhyan hired a hitman Naik for killing Ravi. But we send another substitute who first killed Naik and replaced him. Before killing Ravi as usual we took his video along with all the relevant information.”Saying this, he handed over the memory card to Mr.Jaydev.

August 1,2014


The serial killer was a retired Cyber cop,Dhyan, who himself was a member of the sex racket in the country. He killed other major links of the racket to dominate and control the racket single-handedly. In a mistaken identity Rev.Fr.Joseph Abraham was remanded last month, who is now freed and returned to his parish.Mr.Dhyan’s case will be heard in the apex court, next week.”


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