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The Meaning Of 4G, 3G, H+, H, E, 2G Networks And Maximum Download Speed

Every Internet Supported Smartphone

comes with one or more of these 4G, 3G, H+, H, E and 2G networks; each having different meaning and serving a specified purpose.

Most smartphone users are unaware of the meaning of these alphabets that displays in the phone’s signal bar behind the signal ? icon. But today, we have explained that in a simple manner but the most shocking of them all is the download speed of some of these networks which is rather hilarious. Thank God better networks with faster download speed are now available.

If there is an additional letter found at the right top of the Signal Bar of our Mobile phone, it indicates that apart from Voice call we can send data Transmission through the mobile phone that is nothing but through Internet Browsing. So below are the names, meaning and download speeds of the different network alphabets.

✔ 2G – GSM:
(Global System for Mobile Communications) Maximum Download Speed : 2 KB/s

✔ G – GPRS:
(General Packet Radio Service)
Maximum Download Speed : 7 KB/s

✔ E – EDGE
(Enhanced Data rates for GSM evolution) Maximum Download Speed : 27 KB/s 3G

(Universal Mobile Telecommunications system)
Maximum Download Speed : 48 KB/s

✔ H – HSPA
(High Speed Packet Access)
Maximum Download Speed : 0.9 MB/s

✔ H+ HSPA+
(Evolved High Speed Packet Access)
Maximum Download Speed : 2 MB/s

✔ 4G LTE
(Long Term Evolution)
Maximum Download Speed : 12.5 MB/s

✔ 4G LTE-A
(Long term Evolution- Advanced)
Maximum Download Speed : 125 MB/s

What is the highest download speed you have seen so far?


Mine Is 7mb/s

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