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The Jilting Of a Lifetime | An Emotional Story

This is not my story but rather of someone I know. I don’t know many details, so this is fiction based off of a real story which remains untold to this day.

Alright, this is going to be a great day! I’m going to go to church, lead worship, and maybe, just maybe I’ll get noticed and invited somewhere. Thus were the thoughts of young twenty-year-old Jay Crenshaw (not his real name). Poor Jay was obsessed with math, music, Jesus, sports, and chess. He was very talented. He was also extremely socially awkward.

When he arrived at this new church who wanted him to play piano for them, he was full of optimistic thoughts. How could anything go wrong? In fact, nothing went wrong that night but a few years in the future. That night, he met a wonderful girl named Angela who loved God. She saw past his social awkwardness as his true self, a quirky brilliant young man. They began dating. Overall, their relationship was relatively steady. Thus, one day, Jay worked up the courage to propose to her. To his great delight, she said yes.

He was overjoyed. They planned for the wedding to take place a month from that day. Thus, the wedding was scheduled to be on November 16. Jay eagerly waited for that day to come. He worked extra hard to buy many extravagant gifts for her and a fantastic wedding. Finally, that fateful day arrived.

Heart beating in his chest, he walked down the altar to his future bride. He could hardly contain his joy. When it came her turn to say “I do,” she whispered to him, “I can’t do this, Jay.” And she walked away. Stunned, Jay just stood there with a shocked expression on his face. He stared at the door from which she left for a solid two minutes, as if he was expecting her to come back. Then, reality crashed over his head. She wasn’t coming back. The heartbroken man raced into the bathroom, sobbing, and didn’t come out for three hours.

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When he finally emerged from the restroom, nobody was there to comfort him. Sensing the awkwardness and horror of what had just happened, the wedding guests had all gone home, thinking that they should leave him be.

After that, Jay never married or even dated anyone ever again. Now he’s sixty-three, teaching math at my school. He’s funny and still socially awkward. He loves Jesus and seems happy to be alone, but I can tell that he is still suffering from his jilting. He still loves Angela, and I feel so sorry for him.

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