Police react to alleged disappearance of kingpin kidnapper Evans

– The Nigeria Police Force reacted to the alleged disappearance of Evans hours after the news went viral – The spokesperson of the police, Jimoh Moshood, explained why the law enforcement agency decided to turn focus from Evans The reported disappearance of Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, the alleged notorious kidnapper popularly known as Evans, is not true, the police have said. The Nigeria police said this in reaction to the headline carried by a national daily on Saturday, July 8 that Evans had disappeared from police custody.

But the police, through Jimoh Moshood, its spokesperson, said Evans was safe in its custody and that reported disappearance was a blatant falsehood. Premium Times reports Moshood as saying:

“Evans is intact in police custody. He did not vanish anywhere.”

Moshood said the police only decided to shift attention away from Evans so as to be able to get detailed evidence they need to convict him

“A lot of cases had been traced to him that we’re currently investigating, as well,” he said.

He said adding that some of his gang members had also been arrested in recent days while the police has the warrant to keep him in detention for up to three months.

The report which quoted The Sun, said that Evans was moved from his cell by about 30 heavily armed police men at midnight few days ago to an undisclosed destination.

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