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My Life | A Very Sad And Emotional Story

Hi. This is my first story. First of all, this is a true story and a short story as well.

This is about my best friend,Kayla. She was a clever girl in our high school. She always get number 1 in class. She was very very beautiful. She was very popular in our high school back then. Every teachers like her because of her good achievement both in academic and sport. Every girls was envy at her because she took all the boys attention just by looking at her.

She was the only daughter in her family. Her life was too perfect, until a new transfer student was transferred into our high school. Her name is Anne. She is a shy, clever and beautiful girl that can only beat Kayla in our high school.

Anne becomes her rival. In silence, Kayla hates her so much. As her best friend, i tried to make their friendship goes well, maybe we’ll be a great team. But it seems like my plans didn’t work well.

Kayla was very depressed at a time. Her academic achievement went down lately. Her parents really angry at her. Being her best friend i felt like its my job to make her happy and let the sadness gone far away from her. Our friends seem like avoiding us. Its okay for me, because having her by my side as a best friend make my life complete, but not for her. She is not the same old Kayla that i have known. She became unhappy people and seems tear are her new best friend.

For the first time, our maths teacher, Mr Sam scolded her for a mistake she done in a maths quiz. Its not really bad, we make mistake right? so, to her its like Mr. Sam hating her. All our friend in the class were laughing at her. Her face turn red. She felt shy and sad. Her tear went down, this is the first time i saw her crying in front of us.

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The next day, when she was all alone in her house, she make a note to us, ” Sorry”. She went to the cabinet and took the pill poison and ate them. The effect of the poison was transfer to all part of her body. She breath for the last time. And now, she will never come back. Hope she will rest in peace.

I was shock when her parents are calling me to go to their house. I was even surprise when i saw her dead. i was never expect things are serious for her. Now, i am here alone, losing the one and only best fried that i ever had.

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