Miracle! 63 years old woman gives birth after 38 years of marriage.

HALLELUYAH!! God is still alive!

Jos the plateau state has recorded history as a result of a 63-years old woman ,Mrs Magaret Francis Davou who became Africa’s oldest woman to give birth through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). She gave birth to a baby girl on Monday,may 8,at the Gynaeville specialist hospital along old Airport road in jos. “Faith in God gave us a child after 38 years of marriage to my husband who is 67 years even when his relations mounted pressure and wanted me out of marriage so that my husband could marry another wife. But he never abandoned nor neglected me for the past 38 years ago that we have spent together “,she said. Mrs Davou is the first African woman at the age of 63 to deliver through IVF.

She did after 38 years of marriage. When Saturday telegraph visited her in the hospital she said :”I really don’t know how to express my joy, because the joy inside me is too much, “she said with tears of joy. Davou, a native of zawan in jos south  local government area of plateau state. Delivered the baby, her first, through a Caesarean section at the Gynaeville specialist hospital where she stated that whatever happened was the work of God the glory for her and her husband to have achieved their life time dream of being parents.

“We have been married for 38 years and we can never departed from the faith of God. I and my husband kept on praying to God when people and his relations mocked us, but because he has the fear of God in him he never abandoned me, throughout the pain, I and now God has answered us. I love my husband, indeed he is actually a God sent man to me.

“This is not my first trial, I have undergone many surgeries in Abuja, Makurdi and have done treatments in different hospitals outside plateau state. This is the fourth time, three times in other hospitals and I am grateful to God that at the first trial since I came back to jos, it was successful.

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This baby will be a woman of God because my number one request is that she will serve God.”Davou, a retired civil servant with the NTA, jos and her husband, a retired Air Force officer now a pastor with the Deeper life church, lives in Zawan village in jos south local government area of the state added:”it is the work of God, I give him the glory and I’m happy now, if God didn’t allow it, it won’t have happened, and I thank for doctors too.

They have the fear of God;that is why were able to help me achieve my dreams of being a mother.” she encouraged women who are seeking the fruit of the womb to depend on God and seek medical help. “what I would tell them is to give their lives to Christ, because if they give their lives to God genuinely he will surely surprise them as he did to me. I also want them to serve God faithful, “she said. Chairman of Gynaeville specialist hospital, jos, Dr. Kenneth Egwuda,said that based on available records, Magaret Francis Davou is the oldest woman in  Africa to successfully undergo the procedure and give birth, saying the hospital has since August 2016 successfully given free IVF treatments to three indigent patients.


He said the centre’s vision is to make assisted reproductive technology accessible to everyone facing fertility challenges irrespective of their background. Dr. Egwuda who was elated at the success of the treatment said:”God  decided to favour this woman because based on visit in this facility in 2016 ,many would have doubted the success of the treatment but because she looks strong and healthy for age, we decided to take her as our patient.”I never worried about her age but IVF is a game of chance and not 100% that you must be get pregnant.

When she got pregnant, it never occurred to me that something fundamental or striking had happened until someone called my attention to it that this is the oldest reported case in Africa to give birth at 63 with assited reproductive technology and it happened here. It is a thing of joy for us and we give God the glory for this history in Jos”.

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