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Maano – The Little Kitten | short story

Once upon a time, a girl named Naina lived in a town. She was 23 years old and worked in an office. She was an animal lover and always try to help animals, birds near by her. One day she came back from her office with a friend. She was on a bike of her friend. Suddenly a kitten crossing the road come in front of the bike of Naina’s friend. Naina’s friend stopped the bike. Some other passers also stopped their bikes, cars to save the kitten. The kitten was lonely on the road. Naina looks at her mother, but she couldn’t find the mother of that kitten.

The kitten was so pretty. She was of golden color with white stripes on her body. Naina was a kind hearted girl. So she picks up the kitten and took to the home with her. She covered the kitten in her scarf as she was worried about the street dogs. If the dogs smell kitten they try to eat her. Naina wants to save her.

Naina finally reached the street where is her home. When she passes through the street, the aunts and little girls of her area asked for what she is hiding in the scarf. Naina showed them the little kitten. Everyone praises the beauty of the kitten.

Naina reaches into her home, but she worried of Sweety. Sweety was her bitch living with her family. Naina afraid if sweety came to learn about the kitten she will harm her. So Naina put the kitten in a shoe box. Naina named the kitten as Maano.

Maano was little upset in the house of Naina on the very first day. Naina’s mother offers milk to the Maano but she didn’t drink. In the night Naina puts the Maano into almirah with the net covered door. This was a wall almirah near the bed of her grandmother. Maano trying to find her mother but when she was unable to do so she kept on crying meaw meaw all night.

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Next morning Naina’s grandmother did complaint of being restless all night because of Maano’s meaw meaw. Naina goes to the office as per her routine. When she came back to the home she saw Maano didn’t eat and drink anything. Naina was worried about Maano. Then Naina’s mother took Maano in her hands and offered milk with a spoon. Maano drank it.

Time passed and Maano mixes up with the new family. Now sweety never harmed the Maano as she learned that Maano is a new member. Naina also uses to sleep with Maano as she is too little and try to find a warm place for sleeping. Maano also used to play with ball and Naina’s braid. Maano likes the grandmother and mother of Naina very much. Naina’s brothers also play with Maano.

One day, Maano was playing with the milk packet under the bed. Naina stopped her and took up her to the bed where she and the brothers discussing something. Sweety came there and saw the milk packet and try to tear it off in a playful mood. Maano also jumps there and try to close the sweety but the bitch became aggressive and hurt the Maano.

Maano gets hurt and suddenly ran into the dark under the bed. She kept crying meaw meaw as she was injured. Naina took her in her hands and saw the injuries. Maano badly wounded with an eye injury and some near to the nose. Maano’s right eye cuts inside. Naina and her brothers try to stop the blood and give some relief to the Maano. That night Maano didn’t drink milk.

Naina was worried for the health of Maano. So, she called her friend Rubal for help. Rubal advised to visit any veterinary doctor. Next morning Naina and Rubal visit the government veterinary hospital and told the doctor about Maano’s injury. The doctor prescribed the eye drops. But when Naina came back home, she ignored doctor’s prescription. Naina’s grandmother told her to put a common eye ointment in Maano’s eyes. Naina did the same.

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Maano’s eye didn’t recover with the ointment and bring a dead cell clot out of her eye. Naina again worried for her. Next day Naina told her friend Billu to take the Maano to the hospital with her mother. Billu goes to the hospital there doctor checked the Maano. The doctor said Maano’s eye need an operation and advised the go for a big hospital. Billu took the Maano to the big hospital and the doctor there said Maano is too little for the operation and also she is in shock. He prescribed an eye drop.

Billu came back to the home with Maano. Naina put the eye drops regularly to the Maano’s eyes. She kept the Maano mostly in dark places. Every day Naina came back from the office and asked for the Maano at very first. Maano mostly uses to stay at upper floor of the house where Naina’s grandmother lived. Sometimes Naina’s grandmother got irritated with Maano as she always does meaw meaw near her. But she enjoys watching her play.

One day Naina use to go to her aunt’s house for a night stay. Next day when she came back, her relatives from Baroda also came to her home. The next evening Naina again go for a night stay in her aunt’s house as she was alone there. Next morning when she came back to the home she saw her grandmother ill. Naina’s grandmother irritated with the Maano and told that she will leave the kitten as far away from home. Her grandmother also told that may this kitten be lost. Naina angry and said to her grandmother that not kitten you be lost.

Naina keeps on going for three more nights to her aunt’s house. In this main time, Naina’s grandmother seriously falls sick. Naina worried for her grandmother’s health. The next day when she came back from office her grandmother fell unconscious. Naina’s relatives told her not to worry, but Naina took her to the hospital where she died.

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Meanwhile, Naina remembers the words she said to her grandmother some days before to be lost. Naina holds responsible Maano for the death of her grandmother as because of her, she said those words to the grandmother. Naina was in shock, so she became careless for the Maano. Maano’s eye is now recovered but her health was so poor. Maano didn’t drink milk on time.

Naina didn’t care much of Maano because she thought Maano is the reason of her grandmother’s death. Maano did not play. She starts to live alone on the very upper roof of the home. One day, Naina’s mother looking for the Maano. But Maano not found. Naina’s family thought Maano go away from the house. After two days Naina’s mother found the dead body of a little kitten under the wooden box. Naina thought if she takes care of her and do not ignore her may be Maano lived much. But Maano is now dead.


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