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LG G6 Mini/LG Q6: News and rumors

We love the LG G6, and like previous LG flagship phones, it looks like LG will release a smaller version, perhaps with the name LG G6 Mini. However, it may also decide to ignore previous trends and given it an entirely new name — the LG Q6 — if some rumors are accurate. Rumors began in May that LG would supplement the G6 with a “Mini” device, and it looks like an official announcement concerning the device could be on the way very soon.


There is growing evidence that the LG G6, or LG Q6, will be announced on July 11. The latest comes from LG itself, and through a YouTube video teasing a July 11 announcement for a new FullVision device. If we’re “Q-rious,” says LG, we should stay tuned, further hinting that the new phone will have a Q somewhere in the name. LG has used the letter Q in previous names and features.


The video shows a curtain being drawn open, revealing a very small window behind it, and a question about needing “FullVision” appearing on the screen. The LG G6 has a highly cinematic 5.7-inch, 18:9 ratio screen with small bezels, emphasizing screen-to-body ratio. The G6 Mini/Q6 may offer the same. LG is also counting down to the phone’s launch on its Facebook page, where another similar teaser to the one above has been published.

Before this, Twitter user Grzegorz Dąbek shared an event invitation from LG for July 11 in Poland. The hashtag associated with the event is #LGBarbeQ — another Q reference.


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