How To Save Someone’s Video Status Easily On Whatsapp Without Asking Them.

Save & Repost – Whatsapp Story!

Firstly, Download This App Named –Save And Repost-Whatsapp Story– From This Download Link

It’s Free & less than 3MB.

With Whatsapp’s new status feature, all statuses automatically disappears after 24 hours. So with “Save & Repost – Whatsapp Story” app you can save your favorite status and can access it anytime.

  • Features:
    ☆ Search WhatsApp story Videos or Images
    ☆ Play video before saving it your device
    ☆Download and Save status*
    ☆Repost it anywhere

  • How To:
    You don’t need to take screenshots of the Whatsapp photo stories or take screen records to save the video stories you want, all you need to do is,
  1. ☆Just open the “Save & Repost – Whatsapp Story” App
  2. ☆Choose the story you want to save from photos or videos
  3. ☆Click Download
  4. ☆Once saved you can repost it whenever you want


follow The Instructions In The Picture Below:-


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