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He Is A Novice of Love

He was kissing the pillow when his dad entered in his room to awake him. Another pillow was between his legs. He was doing very bad and dirty activities. He was in lap. Perhaps he was seeing a dream in which he was kissing a girl.

After seeing this scene his dad’s anger had reached on ultimate limit. Dad kicked on his bum with full force. His beautiful dream had broken like a glass. He saw a monster before him as his dad.

“What was you doing?” Dad asked with anger.

“Nothing dad. When did you come?” He said.

Dad slapped on his left cheek.

“Mom……….” He cried for help but there was no answer. His dad again slapped on his left cheek. He called again his mom for help but there was no answer.

“She is not at home, gone to temple.” That monster replied and again slapped on his left cheek.

“Dad……….. what  happened ? Why are you beating me in perforce?”  He cried.

His dad again slapped on his left cheek. His left cheek had become red and fingerprints can easily be seen.

“What is this?” Dad showed him a broad book. The book was covered with a khaki paper.

Anand’s theft had caught. Now he had no idea to escape by this problem.

‘’Dad….this is the book of chemistry, of my friend.’’ He pleaded.

‘’Ohhh……….of chemistry? But its title I thinks is Asli  Badha Indrajaal.’’ Dad showed him the title of that book.

‘’Actually dad……..’’

‘’Yeah……. I know. This book is of your friend. By mistake he has given you Asli Badha Indrajaal instead of Chemistry book.’’ Dad said.

Anand nodded his head for approval. His dad slapped again on his left cheek.

‘’What are you learning now a days?’’His dad asked with anger.

‘’Nothing dad…….you are doubting on me perforce.’’ Anand replied with innocence.

‘’Beta……I am your dad. Tell me….. Why are you learning Tantra-Mantra? Tell me……. For what? For cajoling the girls?” His dad asked with doubt.

‘’No dad……  it’s nothing like that. You are doubting on me perforce.’’ Anand replied.

‘’Perforce ?’’ His dad again slapped on his left cheek.

‘’ Listen… idiot. If I get any news that you are doing something wrong, I will kill you. Understand? Now get ready for college.’’ Dad said with anger and went from there with that book.

Anand took a breath of pleasure and his left cheek also.

‘’Now how will I learn that Mantra ?’’Anand mumbled.

This book was of his Mama who is a Tantric and now a days he is teaching Tantra-Mantra to Anand.

Anand has become 16 years old. He has started to attract towards girls and everytime thinks about them. His heart becomes garden-garden after seeing a beautiful girl.

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Once he tried to propose a girl of his Mohalla. He stopped her adversely in street. He was moving like a Mandap of marriage before that girl. He gave her a rose with trembling hand.

‘’ How dare you to give a flower?’’ girl shouted in anger. Due to shouting of that girl he had feared badly.

‘’o….sister! why are you shouting? You know ?  you are like my younger sister. Once in childhood you had tied a Rakhi on my hand.’’ He said with fake laughing.

‘’ Yeah…. I know but why are you giving me this rose?’’ Girl asked with doubt.

‘’ So what happened? Can I not give a rose for my sister ?’’ He gave a idiotic answer with fake laughing.

‘’well…. Now you go. Tomorrow I will complain with your dad for this.’’ She said.

‘’ No sister…….. please. You are doubting on me perforce. You are like my younger sister. Please forgive me. I will never give you anything again.’’ He had requested with humble. Girl had gone from there with anger. Till then he fears very much with girls.

Now he had started to think everytime how can a girl cajole without facing her.

He shared this thing with his Mama who is a Tantric and a great thug. He revealed Anand about the power of Tantra-Mantra and how can someone cajole a girl or a lady by this. He revealed many ways for this purpose.

One day Mama gave him a small box of Kajal and revealed that after applying this Kajal in his eyes when he will go before a girl and will make a eye contact with her, that girl will become in  his tame.

Anand became happy and paid 1000 Rs. For this small box which is expense I think is 5 or 10 rupees. But he didn’t know how is Kajalapply in eyes. His Mama applied the Kajal in his eyes and first of all he went before all the girls of his Mohalla. No girl made a eye contact with him. Then he departed to college for cajoling the girls of his class. He was completely sure that today he would cajole minimum two or three girls.

When he reached in class, most of his friends noticed his kohl-lined eyes. They laughed on him very much and hooted him much. Due to shame his eyes become full of tears and his KAJAL become spread on his face and now he was looking like a cartoon. Then most of the girls laughed on him instead of cajole. English lecturer sang a song for him, ‘’KAJRAARE KAJRAARE TERE KAARE KAARE NAINA.’’ After listen this song all the students of his class laughed on him very much. That day was full of shame for him. When he returned home his dad also noticed his kohl-lined eyes and slapped four times on his left cheek as usual.

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In spite of being all this, he had a belief on his Mama’s tricks. He didn’t quail. This chance his Mama revealed him that if he brings hairs, nails or any cloth of a girl, then after a worship of that thing he will become successful to cajole that girl.

Soon after two days he brought a cluster of hairs of a girl of his Mohalla. Mama revealed him that they would worship in night after 12’ O Clock. Worship in night was a great problem for Anand. How could he come to his Mama’s house? Problem was his cruel dad. His dad hates his Mama because his Mama earns money by wrong deeds.

At 11pm Anand went out from the back door of house and reached to Mama’s house. Mama was ready for worship. He brought Anand in a Shamshaan which was very silent and suitable place for worship. It was very dark everywhere. This dark was very horrible for Anand. His heart was breathing fast. His mind was telling him many horrible stories of ghosts. But he was sure that his Mama will escape him by ghosts if they will attack on him.

Mama brought him under a Babooltree in Shamshaan. Here he came out a skull of man from his bag and showed Anand. He was full of fear. He did want to go his home .His Mama was talking about ghosts deliberately. He revealed that there are many types of ghosts present about us. All they are watching us. They are laughing on us. So never fear . If you fears, all they will attack on you. So be careful. Anand feared badly after listening this.

Mama gave him a vessel of copper filled with water in which he put the hairs of that girl and said him to orbit about Babool tree. Anand was ready for orbit but soon his Mama said that you would have to do this work without clothes, being nude.

‘’Without clothes ? but why ?” Anand asked with suspense.

‘’ This worship will complete when you will orbit about Babool tree being nude, without clothes.’’ Mama said.

‘’Its ok….. but I can’t take off my underwear.’’ Anand replied with shame.

‘’NO…… It will have to do without clothes  It is sure……. understand? Otherwise this worship will not complete.”

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‘’ NO ….. I can’t .’’

‘’ you will have …….. otherwise forget that girl’’ Mama said.

‘’ OK……………Now I want my rupees back. Give me my five thousands back. I am going to home.’’ Anand said with anger.

It was a great dilemma before Mama. He thought for a moment.

‘’ Its ok….. you can orbit with underwear. But only  underwear. You don’t worry. I will coax my lord. Now take this vessel in your hands and orbit around this BABOOL tree with closed eyes.’’ Orbiting around a tree in dark with closed eyes was very difficult but he became agree for this. He took off his cloths besides underwear and got ready for orbiting with vessel.

‘’Mama…………. how many rounds?’’ Anand asked.

‘’ Until I tell you to stop .you will have to orbit continuously. I am reading spells in my mind near this skull of man.’’ Mama showed him that skull.

Anand had started to orbit with closed eyes. Vessel was in his hands. Mama was reading spells in mind sitting on earth   . It was very silent everywhere.

Anand had orbited many rounds. He was thinking why did his Mama not stop him till now? Half an hour had completed. Anand was orbiting continuously. He had tired.

“Mama…… can i stop?” Anand asked with closed eyes. His orbiting was continuous. Mama didn’t give any reply.

“Mama…… can i stop?” He asked again but there was no answer.

“Mama…….. can I open my eyes?” He asked again but there was no answer.

Bridge of patient had broken. He opened his eyes. Mama had disappeared. It was dark everywhere. Anand cried for his mama.

“Mama….. where are you?” He cried.

“Mama……. You lout……. You dog…… where are you?” He cried again.

“There are many types of ghosts present here .they are watching us .they are laughing on us. If you fears they will attack on you.’’Anand remembered this thing of his Mama. He threw the vessel on earth and ran away without cloths towards his home.

A Novice of love was running on road in underwear. Mama had made him a fool. He was running fast. His heart was breathing very fast. His mind was feeling that there are many types of ghosts and monsters chasing him.

He reached at home in very bad condition. His dad was waiting for him at door. This was a great monster as comparison of those monsters which are chasing him. That monster caught Anand and slapped four times on his left cheek as usual. 


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