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Flash Charging Problems of Infinix Phones and Solutions

Charging problem is the major issue with most Infinix Hot Note X551, Hot Note Pro, Infinix Note 2 and many other infinix phones with fast charging technology and i have outlined the possible causes and solutions to the problem on this post.

Having used most of these Infinix phones, I myself encountered such problems and one of my jobs on this blog is to provide solutions to others, help others using my own experience so that life will be easy for us all. Talking about slow changing or no charging issues, Infinix phones have PHD award for it but if you follow the guidelines here, you will be able to fix it.


“For the Infinix Hot Note phones to charge via the Infinix Flash Charging technology, they must be charged with a special Infinix Charger. The special Infinix charger has dual power output system; a basic 5V===2A/7V===2A output option and higher power 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A output option. As printed on the special charger, the output option on use is automatically determined by the load. For example when you load the charger with a standard phone, the power output defaults to 5V===2A/7V===2A option. However, when a phone like the Infinix Hot Note that has big 4000mAh Battery or the Infinix Hot Note 2 is loaded, the power output defaults to the 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A option. At the higher voltage power output option, the Infinix Hot Note charges to capacity in less than two hours – a charging system that Infinix has named Flash Charging. Normally, most phones charge to capacity in four to six hours.”

1. Charging Indicator Not Displaying
First thing you need to do is check if your charger is not burnt or affected by high electricity voltage. You can do this by smelling it, if you have a blocked nostrils give someone else to passive it for you. If Burnt It Would be Smelling Like Jollof Rice ?

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2. Phone Showing Charging But No Battery Bar/percent Added
If the charger adapter is okay then you need to check your USB Cable. We all know the Infinix USB Cable that comes with the phone is of low quality. Replace it with another original cable.

3. Charger Charges Other Phones Except My Infinix Phone
The possible cause of this one is your phone “charging port” it need to be replaced with a functional one.

Honestly, i will recommend Blackberry Playbook Charger because i have used it to charge some Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note Pro, Infinix Note 2 and other phones that supports fast charging and it was very okay. Charges quick like the original chargers and it’s durable.

The price of the playbook charger ranges from NGR1,000 to NGR2,000 depending on your location and where you are buying from.

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