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Days Of Darkness |A Sad Story

Well this a real story of my friend Nikita. It is not so much of a story than her life as of yet which is so full of pain and suffering that now she thinks she is never gonna be happy again. She thinks the only solution of her problems is to end her life. So i wanna share her story and would love to have ideas and comments upon it.

Hailing from an Indian brahmin family nikita has always been a shy, obidient and a studious kinda girl. She always scored good marks and did what was told to her without any questions. It was 6 years years ago that I first noticed her in my school. She looked very dull and sad as if something really bad had happened to her. I was curious so I inquired about her from my friend and other girls who knew her. To my surprise, i found that something really terrible happened. Her mother passed away all of a sudden because of an accident. That news really moved me and it made a soft corner in my heart for her but i never got the opportunity to talk to her, so things went by.

As time passed, her memories faded away. I was busy preparing for my board exams and so were everybody. I passed my high school with good marks and had a farewell with some great memories the nostalgia of which still haunts me in lonely times. I hadn’t got a chance to talk to nikita yet and i forgot her.

Then came the Facebook revolution and we all school friends were in touch through facebook. I was in my first year in college having summer vacations that i found nikita in facebook. I couldn’t recognize who she was but when i saw her pics i was shocked. I remembered her as the sad girl but was surprised because in her pics she looked really beautiful and happy but yes pics do lie. I sent her a request and it was through Facebook that we first talked.. Soon we became friends and talked a lot over the phone as it was her vacations as well and she got nothing to do. Then we started dating and i used to see her everyday and take her out in my bike but we both knew that it cannot be anything serious coz we both had a long life of college ahead at different cities very far from each other.

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And so after a month of dating with her i went back to my college and got busy and so did she but we continued talking over the phone each day like girlfriends and boyfrds and she used to tell me about all her problems she had been facing since her mother died and how her father married another woman who did nothing but lavished all the money he’d earn and that he didnt minded and he lavished partying around too saving nothing by the end of the month. Her father was a patient of diabetes. He stopped caring about himself and ate all kind of junk food since his wife died. I would listen to all her family issues and her personal problems patiently and I cared about her. Then one day she confessed that she loves me and wanted to have me as her life partner to which i was speechless. But I didnt wanted to break her heart coz she was already so broke so i accepted her proposal but never said anything about marrying because I never liked the idea of marrying. Anyways we were now officially in a long distance relationship.

Things went by and I used to meet her on my vacations when i went home. Then after a year or so, my relationship with her ran its course and we broke off with each other because of various reasons but particularly because our thinkings never matched. But i cared for her so i used to call her every once in a while. Although she was not showing but she was really hurt because of the breakup. I told her that she can be my best friend if not girlfriend to which she agreed and we kept talking and sharing everything as always.

Days passed away and her father started being ill more often. She had to leave her studies in between and go back home to take care for her father. This is where her destiny took a sharp turn. The fear of losing her father took over and she became like a slave in her own home.. From sunrise to sunset she would do all the homely chores including cooking, cleaning the house and taking care of her father. All the while her step mom did nothing but gave her commands and list of items to shop. Months went by like this and she forgot going back to the college except just to give her final exams which obviously didn’t went well. Her fathers condition went from bad to worse and he had to get admitted to hospital. The hospital in our city was not good so they asked her to transfer him to another hospital in a different city very far. They did so and after a month of serious surgeries and medication her fathers life was saved but still critical.

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Nikita’s father was brought back to his home but he was to be given great care which nikita gave along with doing all household chores. Her days went by changing bed sheets, bathing his father and cleaning after him along with cooking food and cleaning the house. All the while her step mom didnt do nothing but looked after her small son. To make matters worse she often called in her relatives who’d stay for days and Nikita had to work even more work taking good care of her step mom’s relatives. While Nikita worked as a slave in her own house, her friends graduated from college with flying colors and she barely passed.

Her father’s condition became good gradually because of the intense care from her daughter. He started walking only to go back to his party lifestyle and old addictions. And then he fell even more sick, he had a nervous breakdown, paralysis, vasculytis and what not in just a month after being saved from death. Again he was admitted to hospital. Nikita would get up at 5 am, make breakfast for everyone, pack tiffin for her step mom’s son, clean the house and by 7 am she would be in the hospital where she would have to sit all day crying and changing clothes of her father which ofcourse is so difficult for a girl. She would have to ask for help to some random men to get her father up and take him to the toilet since the nurses are not always available in a The strangers would often refuse to help and so she would have to clean up her father’s mess. While she cleaned up after him, his father would often beat her or slap her because of the disease that affected his mind and he didn’t even rememberd anything. The docs told her finally that her father would never become normal nor would he be able to stand up as his brain has been affected but he would live so long as they care and give him medicines only to keep him alive.

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This goes on even to this day. She is broke, penniless and she aint getting any help. When she called her relatives they told her that its her fault that she never got a job and she didnt work hard. They even blame her of being a girl and told her that had she been a boy then this wouldnt have happened. Getting help from nowhere Nikita finally lost faith and tried to commit suicide as her only way to escape her miserable life but she was saved as the poison wasnt too strong.

It was recently that i talked to her after a long time and got to know about her situation. She talked about committing suicide again as the only way to attain freedom as she cannot stop caring for her dad which she had been doing for past 1 year. I somehow convinced her not to commit suicide and that things will only get better now but i dont see it how. She can get a job and start a new life away from everything and i am ready to help her financially and morally but she cannot leave her father to die nor is it allowed to give mercykilling to a patient in India. And as for her stepmom, well she still resides in their home doing nothing. On top of that step mom somehow managed to get all the property and a lot of jewels on her name leaving nothing for nikita. Now nikita works as a slave from sunrise to sunset going from hospital to home and from home to hospital thinking that it is her destiny and she is good for nothing. I pray to god everyday and ask him to bring an end to her dark days but it doesn’t happen.

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