Computer Village Has Just Introduce Unified Database to Track Stolen Phones!


The Computer village At Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Is arguably the largest commercial center for phone and PC marketers in West Africa hence it’s the hub for different kinds of mobile phones. Well, the place also has its bad news as it’s also known as the den for stealing and selling stolen phones. Over the years, there has being lots of reported cases of stolen phones traced to The Computer village in Lagos.


Because of this evil act, tracking stolen phones has become a challenge most especially in Lagos Nigeria. So a group known as the Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), a trade association of Ikeja Computer Village market traders, has collaborated with a software company to develop a web portal which enables the tracking of stolen phones.

Basically on a more serious note, it seems the Nigerian government doesn’t have unified database for all Nigerians despite all the NIMC registration, SIM Reg and all that. maybe that would have helped to easily track every Nigerian to their stolen or lost smartphone(s). Well, maybe the Gov’t can learn something from this initiative.

Follow this Link to view the unified phone database in Nigeria

Is It A Good Idea?? Or What do you think?

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