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Bullied |Story Of A Bullied Kid

This is a true story of mine. It happened few years ago but now i’m fine. I just wanted to share it to you.

I had those worse memories that i would never forget in my whole life. It was so hurt for me and left a deep scar inside my heart. Sometimes i wonder if it will be happen again.
I was 3 when i started my first school time. I don’t know why but i was so scared of being with strangers. I couldn’t be friends with anyone because i was too scared of them. When the class about to start, I always cried and asked my mom to stay with me and don’t leave me with those kids. I have no friends at all. They hated me for being silly and scared.

When I was 4 in the kindergarten I always sat alone. Every kids was playing around and i just sat there like a fool. No one wanted to say hi and let me play with them.

Elementary was getting worst. They didn’t only ignore me. They abused and bullied me. They called me ugly, idiot, nerd because i wear a glasses. I never had a friend. they only thing that made me alive was my family. I’m 15 now and since then i never tell them anything about this or my past.

5th grader. This boy came. He was the rudest kid at school. I was fine when everyone just ignored me like i was an invisible thing for them. but this kid, he bullied me. he called me idiot for having none friends. he called me bitch and whore. he threw my pencil case to the trash bin. he kicked and hit me and he made me cried because it was so hurt. but no one cared even the teacher. they laughed on it. i started to think about suicide. or even kill him even though i should get on the jail. When I was at class all i could think about was how to kill myself. Should I jump from the 2nd floor? Or should i get a knife and kill myself?
But then God saved me. Me and my family moved to another town. I was so happy and it could set me free from the bullying.
It wasn’t really over yet. After few days i moved, i got a text from one of the students in my old school. She said hi, how was i, and why did i move. When i read that all i could think was “how can the f*ck you text me after all the things you did to me? you called me an idiot and shits. But then you said hi afterwards? BULLSHIT!”

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So all i can say is just respect all the people and don’t ever do any bullying stuffs. Stop bullying. I’ve been there before and it hurt me so much. I told you it left a deep scar inside. I might be the one of those people who survived from the suicide because of bullying. So stop it and respect them for whoever they are. I forgave them who had been bullied me. But the pain and the worst memories would never be erased.

P.S: If you are a bullied kid like me. Stay strong. And don’t kill yourself because i knew exactly how it felt but i wanted you to survive. <3

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