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‘Bro… You Need To Shut Up’ – Cynthia Morgan Fires MC Galaxy For Attacking Tekno


The number of recent altercations between Nigerian artistes keeps increasing daily. The latest being Cynthia Morgan firing direct shots at MC Galaxy.

Earlier, MC Galaxy supposedly threw a sub on the gram which is strongly targeted at Tekno. The ‘Sekem’ crooner insinuated that Tekno was merely an employee who took home only 20% of his generated income, and urged him to avoid taking sides when ‘CEOs’ were fighting.

It didn’t take long before fans figured out that the sub by MC Galaxy was directed at Tekno even though obviously no names were mentioned.

Dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan is pissed off over what Galaxy said. And the singer decided to bare her mind with direct shots. The ‘German Juice’ singer called out Galaxy while also telling him to keep his mouth shut.


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